People Who Commonly Twist Their Ankles

Generally, twisted ankle in the first stage is known as minor injury to the ankle and this stage is simple to cure twisted ankle as this happens to anyone.

However, it is not that all face minor or first stage problems with ankle sprain. There are cases where the risk is severe.

People relating to sports are always involved with focused activities such as running, cycling, marathons, football or basketball stay long hours performing on the play grounds.

Conversely, when performing becomes inevitable, special care should be taken so that they adhere to specialized medical supports referred to as sports medicine.

Minor ankle sprains heal quickly within few weeks, while severe or moderate pains take few months to recover. Minor sprains get cured with simple rest, but immediate treatment is essential to cure twisted ankle of moderate or severe cases.

Athletes are inclined to injury often owing to excessive training. Repetitive motion of athletes results in tearing of bone ligament and results in injuries.

In fact, even occasional sports men are prone to suffer injuries easily and may not be aware of the steps to cure twisted ankle.

Summer or weekends is the peak time to practice sports and especially in the cities jogging is the common activity in the weekends. Starting jogging wearing a sportswear alone is not enough, in reality; concentration should be given to the footwear type.

Wearing worn out or old shoes for jogging is best avoided as there are chances of tripping and resulting in twisted ankle.

Sprained ankle is apparent in seniors as their muscles become weaker and the joints delicate resulting in imbalance, thereby enhancing the chances of injury. Seniors need to be careful as the time taken to cure twisted ankle is double the time taken in young adults.

Precisely, twisted ankle is common, yet some people have more chances to get injured.