Symptoms of a Twisted Ankle

The most normal type of injury which is also very painful is the sprained ankle. Hence, it becomes necessary to take measures and cure twisted ankle. This is also essential so that you know the severity of the injury based on the signs and symptoms. Significant signs and symptoms of twisted ankle include inflammation, pain, and stiffness in the joints, bruising and difficulty in walking.

The severity of the injury is based on the intensity of these signs and symptoms. However, there are all chances that you experience no pain and inflammation, yet you have trouble in walking and feel unstable.

Conversely, there are many other ways to cure twisted ankle, but all these can be effective only on knowing the stage of your injury or rather the degree of the sprain.

The first stage or degree sign or symptom is restricted to swelling and pain.

The second stage or degree refers to the swelling and bruising that is significant.

The third stage or degree inflicts severe pain and you experience difficulty in walking.

In addition to these, you must know that sometimes minor sprains may not cause any difficulty in walking, instead may be painful on sitting down or raising your foot.

Twisted ankle is an injury and regardless of whether the injury is severe or not, it is a must to cure twisted ankle. Ignoring initial stages of pain may result into a serious injury.

The seriousness of the ankle injury is also assessed by doing Anterior Drawer Test. One thing is certain that if the ligament is ruptured completely, it is sure to take a longer time to cure the sprained ankle.Minor or first stages of twisted ankle can be cured by self-care treatment, but consulting a doctor and following professional advice, right diagnosis and adhering to prescribed treatments assists in quick and complete recovery.